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A touch of modern decor


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Decorative Air Vent Covers

Available in Luxurious Designs, Different Sizes, and Shapes

A touch of modern decor

PREMIUM LUXURY MIRROR FINISH AND MODERN CONTEMPO DESIGN forming a very unique piece of interior design. This very popular grille can be found in historic restorations and fine homes throughout America. 


"I had some doubts about the material before the purchase as I have never tried acrylic fiberglass before, had some concerns about installation. It turns out that material is high quality, even exceeded my expectations. The vent cover looks amazing and I will purchase more for my other rooms, very easy to install."

George P.

"Love love love my new AC vent covers! It’s a fabulous addition to my newly remodeled place! Nice eye catcher and all of my friends that see it keep asking about it! The seller is an expert and beyond professional as well as accommodating!"

Christina W,

"Purchased this cover because the metal returns in Home Depot are plain and un attractive. Also the small vents whistled! So searched and found this one as an alternative. Not only this attractive. But this style had bigger holes. And thus it was much quieter. Perfect. Also since mine was on the ceiling. I used mollies and Chrome screws to carefully mount it. ( not included) It comes with sticky tape which would be fine on a wall. But on a ceiling I thought utilizing screws would be better."

Stevie M.